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Writing Content For Your Web Site

The content is the most important part of your website. Your visitors come to your website to get information. If they don't get it there they won't come again.

Always start a website with an idea or goal and then write content around this idea to fulfill it.

Here are some tips to start and do better with content writing.

Start on Paper

Get a pencil/pen, a note book and start writing on it what you have in your mind. At this step, you don't have to worry about the details of anything, just put down the ideas and keywords you have in mind on paper.

Make a Brainstorming Web or Chart

This is a nice and effective way to find ideas. I learned it in my school and it still works for my now. This chart aids greatly in the thinking process and finding connection between ideas.

Start with a main idea than think of the sub ideas that connect with this idea and link these sub ideas with the main idea. Then go one step down and repeat the process with the sub ideas, finding more sub ideas that belong to previous sub ideas. Keep on going till you are out out of ideas.

Do Your Research

Researching is the key to getting right information. Although you are writing stuff that you are good at, but there is always some room for research, to obtain reliable and accurate information. Surf the internet, read articles in books, read magazines and news papers, search all the possible sources you have.

Don't Write Some thing You don't Understand

This is important. You should only write things you understand and avoid writing things you don't know about. Ignoring this will cause you give false information to others, which will hurt your ratings and you will loose visitors.

Remember the Context

Always remember the context of your writing. This will help you write better and avoid unrelated things to become a part of your website.

Be Simple

Be simple and detailed in explaining things to others. Don't pre assume your viewers to know much. Starting with the basics is a good idea most of the times.

Know Your Audience

It is really important to know your audience and match your content level with the level of your audience. Your audience can be categorized by age or profession etc. One thing written specifically for some group might not be understandable for others.

Arrange Your Content

A good arrangement of content is really help full to make people understand things. You know about the subject you are writing about, more than your visitors. If the things aren't arranged in the right order, people will have difficulty getting your point. Also, adding more content to your website demands rearrangement sometimes, so keep track of it.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Avoid duplicating and writing the same content in two or more places. When people see same things coming again and again they get bored and loose interest. Search Engines will also penalize you if they find duplicate content on your website among multiple pages.

Don't Ever Copy Others Work

Don't copy stuff from other sources or websites. There are copyrights on websites or books that prevent you from doing this. Be creative and write according to your own understanding.

Don't Stuff Too Much on a Single Page

You should avoid writing two much content on a single page or section. Some people don't like too much scrolling. So, put only reasonable content on a single page and if the article gets longer, just divide it among more pages.

Proof Read

Before publishing you pages and finalizing you content proof read your content a few times. You may find mistakes that need to be corrected.

Put a CopyRight Notice on Your Website

Although it is not mandatory to put a copyright notice on you website to protect you site from being copied, but it is a good practice and emphasizes that your work is copyrighted.
To put a copyright symbol © on you website using html type "©" without quotes.

Keep Reviewing Your Pages

Reviewing your pages after publishing is a good practice because you might come across something which is outdated and needs to be updated. There may be information that had forgotten to include in the article when you were writing it but now would like to add it.

In the end, i just wanna say Happy content writing!

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