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What to Look For When You Buy a Web Hosting Plan

Choosing a Web Host can lead to confusion some times. Especially for first time buyers. Since different companies offer different plans according to some features, understanding those features will make it easy for you to select the right Host for your website.


Bandwidth is actually the amount of data that your Host will allow you to transfer. This includes both downloading and uploading. Don't confuse this term with the Bandwidth in Computer Networks, which is a measure of Network Capacity, measured in bits/second. Actually it is better if we call this Web Hosting Bandwidth the amount of data transferred, but since Hosting companies use the term Bandwidth, people use them too.

The Web Hosting Bandwidth is mesured in GBs usually, which stands for Giga Bytes. The smallest unit is Byte. 1024 Bytes make 1 Kilo Byte, 1024 Kilo Bytes make 1 Mega Byte and 1024 Mega Byte make 1 Giga Byte.

Now, the question is, "How much Bandwidth will be enough?". I give you an example to find the answer. Suppose the Bandwidth allowed to you is 5 GB. Now, if you have a web page of size 20 KB, then this page can be downloaded (5 GB / 20 KB) times, which is (5 x 1024 x 1024)/20=262144 times.

This little maths is not necessary, just buy the smallest Bandwidth package and if you run out of it, just upgrade. Simple!


This is also a factor to consider. If the speed of the Host is slow, your download times will be higher and your performance will decrease.


This is the available space on the Web server that will be allowed to you to save your web pages. This is measured in Mega Bytes or Giga Bytes the same way files are measured on your computer.

Free Domain Name

Most Web Host offer a Free Domain Name when you buy a Hosting Plan. This is a money saver, so do look for this when you buy a plan.

Free Domain Transfer

If you have registered your Domain Name already with some other Registrar but now want to operate it with this new Hosting Company. Then a free Domain Transfer is a benefit.

Minimum Contract Period

For most of the Web Hosts the minimum contrat period is 1 year. However some Hosts will offer you a 3 month or 6 month contract term too. Do look for that if you don't want a year long plan, but ofcourse the per month price of a 3 month plan will be higher than the year long plan.

Free Advertisement Credits

Some Web Hosts will offer you free credit for advertising networks such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Bing Search Marketing and so on. This is useful since you can use this credit to advertise your new website and gain some visitors.

Note that this credit is usually time limited and you will have to utilize all the credit with in a no. of days otherwise the credit expires.

Server Software: Windows vs Linux

Web Servers mostly run on Windows or Linux operating systems. To the visitor this doesn't show any difference. Unless you have any special requirements that require a particular operating system, you can choose any one.

Web Site Building Application

If you want to build you site using an online web building tool, then look for this option. Note that these tools are general and may not be specific for your needs.

Other Common Things

These are common things almost offered by all Web Hosting Providers (among what i have seen), so this is not going to be a problem for you when buying a plan. Although just taking a look at these doesn't hurt either. This features include;

Note : The details of each service like no of Email accounts or SSL Certificate fee differs from Host to Host.


The price is different for different Hosts. Also Each Host usually offers two to three packages, going from Basic to Professional. For a starting website, a Basic package mostly works which nowadays costs around 5 $ per month.

An important thing is that you should just not merely go for the cheapest Hosting available. Instead go with a company that has better service and performance with reasonable price.

Money Back Guarantee

This shown the comitment of the Web Host with offering better service. It you are in a doubt about the service, then go for a Web Host who offers Money Back Guarantee.

After reading this article, hopefully you can decide which host is right for your Website. So, act know and Choose a Web Host for you Website.

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