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How to Choose a Web host : Points to Consider Before You Buy

What is a Web Host?

For your website to go live and others to be able to see it, you have to publish/transfer it to a Web Server (Basically a Powerful Computer). Web Servers are owned and maintained by Web Hosting Companies commonly called Web Hosts.

These Web Hosts serve your website to the world and that's what they basically charge you for.

Free Web Hosting Options

For a professional website, free hosting is not a good idea because the services offered are limited. But for a basic or starter website, Free Web Hosting may be an option to consider.

To decide whether you want a free web hosting solution or not, see Merits and Demerits of Free hosting.

Paid Web Hosting

For most of the Web Sites, Paid or Commercial Web Hosting is the solution. Especially for a Professional Website.

Points to Consider

There are certain factors that you should keep in mind when buying a Hosting plan from a Web Host. These things include,

While Reading Reviews understand that negative reviews can be exaggerated some times. Remember a satisfied customer may not choose to post a review, but an unsatisfied customer is highly likely to do so.

For a detailed analysis of different features offered by Web Hosts, Do take a look at the article What to look for in a Web Host When You Buy.

Some Web Hosts You Can Use

*Note: Unlimited Bandwidth is not truly unlimited. It means that the Web Host does not explicitly sets limits on your account. But actually if your traffic grows too much and effects other users, then the Host will ask you to upgrade your account and buy a different plan.

After you Buy, Set the Name Servers

When you buy a Hosting plan, your host gives you information about the name servers of the website, required for setting up a Domain name. You put this information in you Domain account with your Domain Registrar. This links your Hosting Server with you DNS server and your website starts working.

Tip : The default page that is displayed when some one opens your site is index.html. You can change this option if you like.

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What to look for in a Web Host When You Buy
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