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Website Templates

If you don't want to design your site from scratch, you can use a ready made template.

A template is a ready made design of a web page. A finished template is like a die you can use to mold all web pages of your site.

You can make your website from a ready made template by editing it and modifying it to your needs and requirements. Editing templates requires some understanding of Html and CSS. For help on Html see my Html Tutorial.

Template Giving Websites

There are many websites over the internet which provide templates, some give it free and some sell it for different prices. The prices can be high if the template is to be sell to one person only and low if the same template is to be sold over and over again.

These website provide templates in different categories like

In my opinion you can take as many ideas you want from a template but you shouldn't merely copy it, because these templates are available for every one over the internet and anyone can copy it in the same way, resulting in similar looking websites, which you don't want. You should try and put some of your own creativity in it.

Here are some websites you can try to get templates.

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Html Tutorial
Make a Template in Dreamweaver

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