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Vertical Side Menu

If you don't want a horizontal menu on top you can use a vertical side menu. This menu sits generally in one side on the screen(mostly left). See image;

vertical menu

You can use this menu whether you can't or can group your pages in a few categories, it works in both the cases.

In the first case with no categorization, this menu directly points to pages. For example see the menu on this website, it directly points to pages as i coudn't categorize all the pages.

In the second case where there is categorization, this menu would point to subcategories and upon clicking a category a sub-menu would appear on next page showing the pages in that category.

If you have used a horizontal-top menu as the main menu for your site, you can use this menu as the sub-menu that would appear when some one clicks on a category pointed by the top-menu.

For example, consider a website of an online store that sells equipment and supplies for homes. The top menu can contain items;

the top menu would be then;

top menu

Now, lets say some one clicks on kitchen, then a side-menu will appear containing items;side menu

the side menu may be like what is show in this picture.

If some one clicks bedroom the same side menu appears but with different items, belonging to bedroom. I hope you get the idea.

Note: This scheme is not used much, instead a pop-down(in case of a top menu) or a fly-out/slide-out(in case of a side menu) is used with the same idea, which you can find in most websites. See the Menu section for more on these menus.

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