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Single level menus

These are very simple menus and are very easy to make as they have only a single level i.e they donot have any submenus.


See the image below,

single level menu

Although these menus donot have submenus, any small hierarchical directory structure can still be shown by these menus. To do so, just put the sub-links in the content section of the following page.

For example, the menu i used on the home page of this site is a simple single level menu. There are no sub-menus or child menus. For some sections that have more content level than a single page, i have used the Directory style menus or placed sub links in the content of the following page.

Creating the Menu

Code Example

These menus can be made by using simple html and css. You can use html table or list tags and then format it by using css. See the simple commented example code given below for a vertical menu. Note that you need to have some knowledge of html and css to understand it completely. Just copy and paste the following code in a text editor, save it with in an html file extension and run it in your browser.

If you want to make a horizontal menu, like shown in the image below, then you'll have to just change a little bit of CSS.

single horizontal menu

See the example code below,

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