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Search boxes are a popular choice now a days. You will find that almost every website has a search box.

The usage of search boxes is not without a reason. Search boxes have their benefits, they save visitors' time.

Some times you're interested in only a single page or multiple pages that have similar or related information. Using a search box to find that information is very easy, just type the keyword and you have your pages.

Imagine if you had to browse through several pages to find a match, how long would it take!.

Using a search box is a necessity in large websites or websites with large databases. These large websites can grow so big that they are difficult and cumbersome to be orginized by menus.

For some of the large websites a search box can be the only means to find information. Lets consider the example of popular online encyclopedia This encyclopedia is so huge that it cannot be implemented with menus and the best solution to find an article or information is the use of search box.

If you want to setup a search engine on your website, you can consider using Google's custom search tool.

You just need an account and an address of you website to generate the code needed, which you can then place on your website. See my guide to Setup Google's custom search on your website.

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