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Making a Rough Visual Sketch of Your Site's Design

A rought sketch of your website will help to you start quick and in the right direction with your website. To get a good idea, you can visit websites over the internet, both small and large and notice how their designs look different from each other.

Sketch on Paper

Start with a visual sketch in you mind and then transfer everything you have in your mind to a paper i.e. create a rough sketch and layout on paper about how your site is going to look, which stuff will go where on the page.


See this rought sketch i made to give you an idea.


Usually the sketch you make at this time is not the final design of your website. Mostly you will add or remove things in your final design as you move on.

Use an Image Editing Software

After making the paper sketch, comes the step of transferring your paper layout to an image editing software like Adobe Photoshop or anyone you like. This is to add colours to your site sketch and to determine the exact position of different items on your page.

There is an advantage in using these softwares as they produce a dynamic design i.e. they let you move objects which you can't do with static paper designs. Play with your design untill you are happy with it.

Another way of building your layout design is to use a ready made design template. You can look at various free templates available at many sites which you can download and edit to your needs. This requires some understanding of Html and CSS usually.

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