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Testing Your Site

Online Testing

Online testing is testing your site on a web server.

Test on a web server

Apart from offline testing, you should also perform online testing of your website.

It is always better to upload your site to a web hosting server and test it by opening it through your browser.

Testing in this manner tells you how your site downloads? how long it takes to download ? Are there any broken links left ? and You can also show your site to others for remarks.

Test on a Free Web hosting Server

If you don't own a web server, don't worry, you can still test your site on a free web server, provided that your demands are not too high.

Get a Free Domain

There are companies that give you a free domain name, actually it isn't a toplevel domain but a subdomain which you can register for free. Some companies are,

Lets see an example. If you register with then they give you a subdomain like, where yourdomain is your choice.

Get a Free Hosting Account

After the domain name lets get a free hosting service. There are companies that give you free web hosting. These free hosting plans are very limited but you can use it for testing purposes. Some companies are,

So get a free domain name and get a free webhost then try moving your webpages to the host. See uploading for more info.

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