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Testing Your Site

Offline Testing

Offline testing is testing that can be done on your computer.

From the inital development to final stages, you have to continuously test you site for errors or display bugs.

The problem arises when your site works fine on your computer and when some one opens it on a different computer it doesn't look like what it is supposed to look.

There are some ways you can try to ensure your site works fine on any computer, which incllude,

Cross Browser Testing

Don't just test your site on a single browser. Different browsers behave differently in some ways.

Curerntly, Internet Explorer currently holds the largest market share for Web browsers, with Firefox holding the second, but alot of other people use Google Chrome, Safari and Opera as well.

For you website to be consistent and have the same appearance on all browser platforms, you should try testing you site on more browsers you can. I would say test atleast Internet Explorer and FireFox because if your site run's fine on these two it will probably run fine on others too.

Cross Resolution Testing

You dispaly screen in is divided in horizontal pixel rows (y) and vertical pixel columns (x) . When these no of rows and columns are multiplied i.e x * y , it gives you the Resoution of the screen.

Different people use different resolutins on their display screen, with most common is 1024 x 768. Other resolutions include 800 x 600 and 1280 x 800 on wide screens. Much Bigger screens use larger resolutions.

Your goal is keep your site's appearance consistent throughout different resolutions.

So before you finalize you design, test your site on atleast a few resolutions to make sure it looks fine on them all.

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