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Get the Stuff Required to Build the Website Yourself

To start building a website of your own, you will need a list of things in your reach. So, before you start, gather the following stuff.


Yes lots of information on what you are doing. You cannot do anything with limited information, same goes for web design. You need to be aware of many things. The more you know the better it is.

A Pen and a Notebook

A pen and notebook always comes handy. After all you need something to put down those ideas you have in your mind before you forget them.


Every website i have seen has more or less images on them.

You can see if you can find some free images on the internet and use them or edit them to your need. Remember,never use some one else's copyrighted image.

If you are illustrating some thing or trying to give examples to people, you will have to create the images yourself.

Image Editing Software

An image editing software usually becomes a necessity for web designing. Since you would likely be dealing with images, you must have an image editing software.

An image editing program like Photoshop or similar is good. Some times a simple program like MS Paint can do the job as well. But a better software has its advantages.


Most website don't have any sounds on them but if your web site has some of them, get them ready.

Web Development Software (WYSIWYG Editor)

Building web sites without any web development software would be a waste of time. Even if you know code very well.

Belive me, a website development software saves you precious amount of time, it auto corrects you code, it auto completes it, it validates it for you, checks broken links and does dozens of more benficial things.

There are many softwares available for this purpose. Some of them are paid and some are free.

Among paid ones i found Adobe's Dreamweaver to be very good. And among Free ones Aptana Studio and Cofee cup are good softwares.

A Ready-made Template

A ready-made website deisgn template is required only if you want to make your website from a design template and don't want to make your own from scratch.

You can look at many templates available for some ideas even if you don't want to copy them.

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