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Drop-Down Menus

Drop-down menus are horizontal menus that are generally placed just below the top-section or header of any webpage. As you can guess from the name, these menus have sub menus that drop-down vertically when you move your mouse pointer or focus over them.


See the image below,

drop down menu

As with pop-out menus there are also enhancements to drop-down menus, such as sliding effect where the sub-menus opens by sliding down, making it a slide-out/fly-out menu or fade effect or dissolve effect.

Creating the Menu

Code Example

As for the programming part , these menus are very similar to pop-out menus seen in the previous section. The example i am giving you here uses Html, CSS, Javascript and DOM(Document object model) for dynamic effects.

Lets see the example,

Just copy and paste the following code in a text editor, save it with in an html file extension and run it in your browser.

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