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The Directory Structure

The directory structure is a hierarchical organiztion of items. In this structure, first there is top level, than there is a second level, than third level and so on. You are familiar with the directory structure found in the operating systems.


Consider Windows operating system, first there is a Mycomputer icon, when you open it, it shows you disk drives ,after you select a drive it shows you file folders, than more folder and files and so on.

Now, consider an example of a website that has information about vehicles. If the directory structure is applied to this website, it will result in the first level being vehicles, second cars, motorbikes, trucks, third level under car can be sedans, coupe, mini-vans etc. As shown in the chart,

directory chart

One way of implementing directory structure is by the use of sub-menus or child menus i.e menus with in menus.

If the links in a sub-menu are too much, the sub-menu can be ignored and the links can be placed on the content area of the following page.

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