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5-Section / 3 Column Layout

This type of layout is very much similar to the four-section page except it has one more section. The complete page is divided into five sections,


The top section

The top section, called "header", of this layout is same as the top section of the four-section page. It contains website's name, its logo(if any) or a welcome message. It may have a menu or search box as well.

The left side section

This section is a vertical section and is commonly called "navigation". It sits below the header on the left side of the page. It has a main navigation menu or a search box.

The right side section

This section is also a vertical section. It sits below the top section and on the right side of the page. This section may contain things like a calendar, latest news, shortcuts to some pages, advertisements etc. On many websites you will find a search box enclosed in this section.

The middle section

This section is rectangular section. It sits between the left and right side sections and it contains the main content of the page.

The bottom section

This bottom section or "footer" sits at the bottom of the page and generally contains a copyright notice and some links.

Note : Although not seen on many websites but sometimes people shuffle the right side section with the left side section, meaning that the navigation will be on the right side of the screen.

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3-Section / 1 Column Layout
4-Section / 2 Column Layout
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