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3-Section / 1 Column Layout

This is a very simple design layout for a webpage. In this layout the complete page is divided into three sections as shown in the figure,


The top section

The top section,commonly called "header", is a horizontal section. It contains the name and logo(if any) of the website. It can also contain a welcome message or if the website belongs to an organization it can show a mission statement of the organization.

The top sections also contains a main menu for navigation and if the website has a lot of pages it can contain a search box as well.

The middle section

The middle section is a rectangular section. It sits right below the top section and contains the general contents of the webpage.

The bottom section

The bottom section, commonly called "footer", is also a horizontal section. It generally has a copyright notice and generally have links like contact us, sitemap, diclaimer etc.

TIP : You can use this layout if you can group all your pages into a few main categories which you can show in your main menu or navigation links in the header section.

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