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Different Types or Kinds of Websites

A website is a collection of different types of data, which can be anything like text, graphics, videos etc, combined together to provide some kind of useful information.

All the data found on a website is bounded together by code, which can range from simple markup like Html to less Simple scripting languages like PHP, Perl or Asp.

To find out about different types of websites, we will have to think how they are different from each other. The difference can be based on the purpose the website serves or the technology/method by which it was implemented or made.

Let's see these two classes individually.

Types of Websites According to Purpose or Function

Websites are built for many purposes, reasons and uses. If we start listing each different use here, the list would become too long. So let's try to sum up all those different purposes and uses into four main types, which are,

Types of Websites According to the Building Method

This classification is based on the technology running the website. By technology, i mean the method on which the site is based or the method used to built the site. This method decides the way the website deals with its data, content and provides an interface to its visitors. Think of it like two different types of cars, one Electric and one on Gas. Both works but differently and what one is capable of, the other may not be.

Usually this kind of division concerns mostly programmers and web developers.

The two broad categories are,

Move on to the next section to read more about these types of websites.

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