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Upload files using Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver has a built in feature to upload files to your web server.

Lets configure Dreamweaver to be able to transfer files to the server. I assume that you have defined the site and have some pages ready to transfer to the server.

1. In dreamweaver, click Site and select Manage Sites. This will open the Manage Sites window.

dreamweaver upload

2. In the Manage Sites window, select your site and click Edit. This will open the Site Definitions window.

dreamweaver upload

3. In Site Definitions windows select Advance tab. Click Local Info. In the field Http address, enter your site's url.

dreamweaver upload



4. Now click Remote Info. Choose Ftp from the Access drop down menu and then fill the following information.

dreamweaver upload ftp settings

(a). Ftp host. This is the web addresss of your ftp host. This differs from host to host and will be given to you by you web hosting provider.

(b). Host directory. This is the folder name where your site in stored on the web server. If you don't know your site directory, just enter a forward slash /, and then dreamweaver will show you all sub folders.

You can also find your site directory's name by logging into your web hosting account. Then check your ftp setting and see folder access.

(c). Login. Your ftp account user name, given to your by your web hosting provider.

(d). Password. Your ftp account password.

(e). Check Use passive Ftp.

Click Test. If every thing is fine you would pass the test.

dreamweaver upload test

Click OK now and then Done to close the Manage sites window.

5. Now Look at the Files panel. Open the drop down menu adjacent to your site name and select Remote View.

dreamweaver upload

Dreamweaver will connect to your remote web server and will display the files on your remote server.

6. To transfer files from your computer to your server, select Local view, then select the File(s) and click the Put File(s) arrow in the panel toolbar. This will transfer your file to web server.

dreamweaver put file

7. To transfer files from you server to your computer, select Remote view, then select the File(s) and click the Get File(s) arrow in the toolbar. This will transfer files to your computer.

dreamweaver get file

That's it. You can now tranfer your files to your server via Dreamweaver easily.

If you donot want to use dreamweaver's uploading capability, you can consider FileZilla. Its a free software and to use it you can see my guide to upload Files using FileZilla.

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