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Define a simple html website in Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is a popular web development application. It offers you many standard features that helps you design and code websites fast and easily. I used dreamweaver myself to create this website.

The first step in creating a website in dreamweaver is to define the site. In this guide i will tell you how to define a simple html site in dreamweaver.

If you want to define a website that uses a server technology like php, perl, mysql or asp then see the guide define a php/mySql based website in dreamweaver.

If you don't have dreamweaver and want to get information about it, then go to adobe's dreamweaver site.

1. Install dreamweaver on your computer and run it. Click Site menu and select New site. This will open the site definition window. Select Basic tab.

dreamweaver html site

2. In the basic tab, enter the following infromation.

dreamweaver html site

(a). The name of your website. Enter any name you like. I am using example-site for demonstration.

(b). Enter the url address of your website.

If you haven't registered a name uptill now, leave it blank. This url here is used to verify link on your site that involve a full address. Click next.

3. In the next step you are asked if you use a server technology. Since we are making a simple html site, select No and click next.

dreamweaver html site

4. In this step dreamweaver asks you whether you want to work on your local computer or directly edit files on a remote server.

dreamweaver html site

(a). If you want the website to be stored and edited on your computer as i am going to do now, select Edit local copies on my machine and enter the path where you want your new website to be stored.

(b). If you want to store and edit your website directly on a server connected on a local area network with your computer, select Edit directly on remote server and enter the location of the files on the server. Click next.

5. In this step we have to give information about remote access.

(a). If you don't want to use dreamweaver's uploading capability then select none. I would say that use some other free uploading client like Filezilla instead of dreamweaver' built in uploading feature. You can see my guide to uploading files using Filezilla.

dreamweaver html site

(b). If instead, you do want to use dreamweaver's uploading capability select Ftp from the menu and then enter your Host name, Site directory, User Name and Password. This information is provided by your web hosting provider.

dreamweaver html site

If you're not sure about your Site directory just enter a forward slash /, and then dreamweaver will show you all sub folders. You can find your site directory's name by logging into your web hosting account. Then check your ftp setting and see folder access.

Then click test connection to see if everything works.

(c). If your remote server is on a local area network with your computer than select local/network and enter the main folder name. Click next.

6. Check the infromation you have entered and verify it. Click done.

dreamweaver html site

Now you have defined a new simple html site in dreamweaver. You can see your new sites's name listed in the Files panel.

dreamweaver html site

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