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Static Websites

What are Static Websites?

Static websites deliver static information to the user i.e. the information does not change over time and remains in the same form as sent by the web server.

To get a better understanding of static content, think of a book that has printed material, which was set at the time of printing/publishing. The contents of the book will remain in its original form, no matter how much you read it.

All Pages Physically Exist in Static Websites

In a static website all the web pages exist physically, well not like you can touch them, but like digitally on the Hard drive. They are there whether you open them or not.

For example, let's say a static website has 50 pages, then all 50 pages will exist on the server, whether some one loads them in their web browser or not. You can actually see those 50 pages on the web server the site is stored on.

How they are Coded?

Static websites are mostly coded in Html and CSS and display the same information to every one.

How an update effects Static Websites?

Look again at the book example. If the printed book requires an update, the update is written and then the whole book has to be published or printed again.

Same thing happens to static websites when some thing universal to the website is changed. Let's say the design of the website is changed slightly, then the whole website has to be uploaded again to the web server. A single page can still be individually updated without effecting the whole site.

Easier to build

Static websites are relatively easy to build as they just require HTML and CSS. A website development software like Dreamweaver, CoffeeCup, Front Page can be used to benefit the developer.

Where Do We Find Static Websites?

You can find static websites everywhere. The internet is full of them. You will find them on most simple websites, which settle on static content. Examples can be an informative website like a product brochure, a company's website or a website like this for instance.



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