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Making a Website: Quick Start

Let's get started on building a website. This section will give you a quick start on building your website. We will try to go through all steps from A to Z and try to find answers to questions we encounter. You will often find more than one ways to do things, but choosing the right option that suits your needs is the point here.

Find Out a Way to Build Your Web Site.

As soon as you think of getting a Website of your own, the next big thing you will probably think is, "How am i going to build it?".

There are more than one methods that you can choose to build a site and a particular method may work better for you than others. This is important, because remember: putting less effort in your work is bad, but some times putting more effort than needed is not useful either. Also, you will save time and money if you make a better choice.

Follow the simple flow chart below and find a way that works best for you.

how to build your website flowchart Why do you need a Website? How to build a website yourself Register a Domain Name for your Website Choose a Web Host for your Website

Note: Registering a Domain and buying Hosting are not required to be done in an order like they are shown in the flow chart. Although they are on top in the flow chart, you can do them whenever you want without following a sequence.

By now, hopefully you may have decided a way that will work for you. Move on to the next article Do You Need a Static Website or a Dynamic Website? to determine which type of website do you need.

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