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Tags & Elements

Tags and elements are the most basic ingredient of html. They make up an html document in the same way as bricks and mortar make up a building.


The most basic part of Html documents are tags. What ever you write in html is enclosed in tags.

A tag start with a < angle bracket, then has a name and ends with > angle bracket.


<p> is a tag used to start a pragraph.

<html> is a tag used to mark the begining of an html document.


Elements are basically tags combined to do a desired function. Html documents are made up of elements, which can be of two types.

A Non-Empty element starts with an opening tag, then have some content, followed by a closing tag.


<p>This is a pragraph </p>

This is an elements formed by <p> tags. You can see there is an opening tag <p>, then the content and then the closing tag </p>

An Empty element only has a single tag.


<br />

This is a line breaking element which consists of only one tag. Note that these elements have only one tag, which ends with a slash / followd by an angle bracket >.

Elements with in Elements

Nested elements are elements with in elements. You may have guessed that before. In html you place elements with in other elements, usually more than once.


This is <bold>bold</bold> text.

Here <bold> element is nested with in <p> tag.

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