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Html Document Structure

Lets talk about a simple html document's structure.

If you look at some html documents, you will notice that every document have atleast three main tags.

So what are these?

The <html> Element

The <html> elements is the parent tag. It contains the whole document, so usually you will see an opening html <html> tag on the first line and a closing html tag </html> on the last line.(Note that if a Doctype is included, it is the first line instead).



The <head> Element

The <head> element is nested inside <html> element i.e it comes inside <html> tag.

The <head> element contins elements that give information about the Title, Meta tags, Style sheet, Scripts such as Java and other linked documents which can be script files or style sheet files. We will see more on these things later in the guide.

The <body> Element

The <body> element also comes inside <html> element but it is placed after the <head> element.

The <body> element contians the main content of the page. All text paragraphs, list and tables come inside this element.

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