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Getting and keeping Visitors

So, you have completed you website and now want to show it to the world. So how are you going to do it? Lets see how this question can be answered. There are a number of measures you can take to get vistors on your site and keeping them on your site. Lets see some of them,

Submit it to search engines

That the first thing to do. Although search engines have automatic programs called "spiders" that crawl you website but you can manually submit and tell the search engines about your site.

Add your site to,

Tip: If search engines are not indexing you site properly or if you want to be on the safe side, you can tell search engines about the pages of you site by submitting a sitemap file to search engines. See how to make a sitemap for more information.

Note : If you don't submit your site to a search engine and not a single website over the internet links to your site, your website will remain invisible to search engines and they will not list you site.

Submit your site to directories

Submitting your website to a web directory is a must. Initially you cannot score good with the search engine since other people donot link to your site. But to start having visitors you should submit your site to directories.

Add your site to

Discuss your website in Forums

That's a good idea to promote a new website and getting some visitors for it. If you have a network of some kind tell them about your website, discuss it with them. Discuss it in forums on any where you see it working.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization means making your site work better and score better with the search engines. Since nowadays search engines account largely for sending traffic to a website, they are a main source of getting traffic for many people. Please see search egine optimization for more information.

Good Design

A good design has its own qualities. A simple yet effective design is what you need to make a good impression on your visitors. Thats the first thing they will see, before reading much of your content. So, a good design, a user friendly navigation might help you get some visitors and eventually increase their number. Please see the section Website Design for more information.

Good Content

Any website's ranking with search engine is largely based on its inbound links. These links are the links other people make to your website. Now, how to get them linking your site from theirs?
The answer is simple, by your content. People come to your website for information and if they find it there, they will most probably tell others about it, and if they have their websites or blogs they will link to your site, giving you more visitors. Please see the article, Writing content for more information.

Using Ads

If you can afford, you can promote your site from buying ads that tell people about your site but donot consider this a long term solution. You cannot keep visitors on your site even by ads if it doesn't have good content. Some of the places where you can put your paid ads are

Ask for feedback

Make a conenction with your visitors by asking thier feedback about your website and your articles. Ask them what they like and what they don't. This will help you better your site and update it while keeping your visitors happy.

Bookmark or Add to Favourites

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