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Dynamic Websites

What are Dynamic Websites?

In contrast to static websites, dynamic websites deliver dynamic information to the user i.e. the information that can change over time when sent to the user according to some criteria.

To get a better understanding of dynamic content, think of an imaginary book which shows different information to different readers or at different times. It allows readers to add a page or pages to the book and can generate its own content if you want it to. This book will also allow the author to just update a single page of the book without have to republish the whole book.

Isolation of Data and Design

In a dynamic website, there is an isolation between the code, the design of the website and the content.

The content is stored in a database, which is pulled by the code, which then combines it with the layout of the website and then delivers it to the end user. Here only that information is retrieved from the database which is needed, decided by the code in response to some conditions.

All Pages Do not Actually Exist

Because of the separation of code and content, web pages do not actually exist on the web server. A web page is only created when the visitor open that page in his/her browser. So, we can say that for a dynamic website, the actual web page only exists at the visitor's browser.

How they are Updated?

Once, a dynamic website is completed, updating it is fast and easy as only the content in the database has to be changed. That's why, for websites that require extensive updates, dynamic websites are a better choice.

How they are Coded?

Dynamic websites are build in programming languages or scripting languages like Javascript, PHP, Perl or ASP. The code in these languages generate the Html code that is then displayed on user's browser.

A quick and popular method of creating a dynamic website is the use of a Content Management System, such as Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal. These systems really make job easier.

Where do we find Dynamic Websites?

You can find Dynamic Websites at many places. Sites containing large amounts of Content like an Encyclopedia use them. Sites using real time services like an eticketing website use them. Sites like big ecommerce stores also use them.



With the discussion of dynamic websites, it is quite logical to discuss two scripting techniques, Server-Side scripting and Client-Side scripting. Move on to the next article Scripting Techniques for more information.

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