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Top-Level Domains and Sub-Domains

Top-level domain

A Domain Name has the following form,

The right most label (com here) is known as the top-level domain.

COM is not the only top-level domain that exist. There are several other top level domains that exist. Lets see those types of domain names.

Types of Top-level Domain names

Generic Domains

Common Generic Top-Level Domain names include,

Country Specific Domains

Country specific domain names are used exclusively by the country they belong to. They use two characters code at their first level instead of three characters. Examples are .us for united states, .uk for United Kingdom, .cn for China, .jp for Japan and so on. You can find the complete list here at wikipedia.


Each label to the left of a label is known as the subdomain of that (left sided) label. For example, consider the domain name Here example is the subdomain of com and www is the sub-domain of

We can have different sub-domains of, like or etc.

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