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Is there a Free Domain Name?

This is the nature of the internet. People assume most things to be free on the internet. Probably this is why one of the most asked question about Domain Names is if there is a free Domain Name available.

The answer is that according to my knowledge, no one is currently giving away real free Top Level Domain Names.

You will always find yourself paying a tiny fee to buy a Domain Name. The fee is usually very cheap, around 10 U.S. Dollars per name per year and less if you buy other things with it (at the time of writing). But wait, there are still advertisements over the internet saying Free Domain Names, then what are they actually?

These advertisements are usually about two things: First the companies are offering you a sub domain not a real domain and Second the companies are offering you a free domain if you buy other services.

In the first case, the Sub-domain offered is not a real Top-Level Domain. Let's say your website is "mywebsite", then a real domain will be of the form, whereas, a sub domain will be of the form Here the company is the name of the company offering sub domain. Two companies i recall now at the time of writing this article, who offer this service are and

In the second case, a real Top-Level Domain is offered, but only if you buy other services like Web Hosting, Email or Similar services. This is a good option, if you are to buy other services from the same company. That might save you a few bucks, but in the end you will pay something (of course for services other than Domain Name Registration).

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