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How to Present Your Content to Visitors and Search Engines?

Effective results with you content requires effective presentation. Bad presentation can kill an article with good information.

Presentation can be done for two purposes, first for your visitors ,so that they like your page and find the information quickly and second for the Search Engines so that they too like your site.

Let's consider the first case:

Presentation For Your Visitors

To present you article effectively to visitors, a few things can be considered:

– Give the Article a Good Title

The title is the first thing seen by your visitors. Its is the article that will makes them click your web page. To make a good title, consider:

– Break the Article in Sub Headings

Breaking the article in sections using sub headings makes it more readable. It allows the users to be more specific in picking up what they want to read and what they want to skip.

Before actually starting to read an article, users generally tend to scan the whole page. Since Headings stand out among article body, if you include the most important terms in the sub headings, then there is a higher chance that a visitor will read the nitre article.

Writing article in sub headings also allows you to focus on smaller bits and write better.

– Use Lists and Bullets

Use lists and bullets whenever possible to add more readability to your text. You can always see the difference between cars, buses, trucks and

obviously lists are easier to read and they stand out among other text.

– Use Bold or Indented Text

Bold or indented text allows you to highlight important keywords and sentences. This improves the readability and if a visitor chooses to scan the page first before reading, then these highlighted keywords gets the focus. This can persuade the reader to read the whole article.

– Correct Grammar

When engaging in general conversation over the internet like chatting for instance, people do not care much about correct grammar. But when writing an article, correct grammar can't be avoided. So, do check for grammatical mistakes like correct tenses, fragments or spelling mistakes and correct them when necessary.

– Use Illustrations and Figures

Surely, graphical illustrations and figures make you article more understandable for people. So, use figures and illustrations when the idea is not clear just by words.

– Don't Stuff Too Much on a Single Page

You should avoid writing two much content on a single page or section. Some people don't like too much scrolling. Put only reasonable content on a single page and if the article gets longer, just divide it among more pages.

Go by the rule of: 1 article - 1 idea - 1 page if possible.

– Arrange Your Content Properly

Proper arrangement of content like sentences, sub headings make your article more readable and easier to understand. If things don't follow a right order, people will have difficulty getting your point.

– Put a CopyRight Notice on Your Website

Although it is not mandatory to put a copyright notice on you website to protect you site from being copied, but it is a good practice and emphasizes that your work is copyrighted.
To put a copyright symbol © on you website using html type "©" without quotes,

Presentation for Search Engines

Presentation for search engines generally goes by the name of Search Engine Optimization, SEO for short. This presentation ensures that search engines find all the information and hopefully lets users find you. Read the article Search Engine Optimization for more information on SEO.

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