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Points to Consider Before You Start Making Your Website

Why do You Need a Website?

If you are here and reading this, most probably you have already made up your mind about getting a website of your own. But if you're still in confusion, reading on will hopefully help you.

The internet is huge and it has millions of websites, growing day by day. More Businesses, Organizations and individuals are going online every day. It is the now the hub of many online activities, including Electronic Communication, E-Commerce, Social Networking, Education, Job Hunting, Surfing, Information Sharing, Marketing etc. There is a lot going on in which you can get a share.

If you are a professional, a Website can become your online Visiting Card or Business Card. That's why even companies and people who work offline are making there presence on the internet through their Websites. They are a great way to market and aid businesses and allow you to show others you work.

You can build a website for various other reasons. You can make a personal website, a website based around your family or an online shop to sell things. You can even learn to build websites and become a web designer.

Yet another reason to make websites is to earn money. If you make a website which others find interesting and your website can get substantial traffic, you can find ways to earn money with this site. Such ways can be Advertising, Affiliate Marking or Selling some of your own Services.

Who is Your Audience?

This is a very important question. Every Website is build for an audience and so should you. If you don't keep the audience in mind while building you site, you will find problems in defining the content of it.

Not all people are same. A banker would not understand the terms of a lawyer and and an artist would not understand the words for a scientist. So, to make the most of your site, target it's content to a specific audience you desire.

Do You Have a Rough Mental Sketch of Your Website?

So far you would have seen many websites on the internet. Some of them would be related to what you want to do with your website. Keeping all those websites in mind, its better if you make a mental sketch or idea of how you want your website to be, like its appearance or how it should behave or answer requests. This will help you whether you want a designer to built it for you or you want to build it yourself.

Domain Name and Web Hosting

These are the terms you might hear the most on the internet, when talking about websites. No doubt that a website can't exist without a domain name and hosting service ( See Domain Names and Web Hosting for more information), but you don't need them to start building your site. They will be required later, not before.

Note : If you want to choose online web building tools provided by web hosts to make you website, than you'll have to buy it before you can do any thing.

If you want to build your website yourself, than you can build it offline on your computer without having a domain name and a hosting service. They will only be needed when your website is ready to be shown to the world.

However, since Domain Names of choice are difficult to find these days, if you can secure a domain name you like, its better to do it early or someone else may register it before you.

Note : Don't ask for suggestion on you domain name from too many people, specially on an online forum. If you do that, there are enough clever people out there who will register it before you, so that they can sell it back to you at a way higher price. Crazy, isn't it?

Things to Consider Only When You Want to Build the Website Yourself

Do You Know Something About HTML and CSS?

Html stands for Hypertext Text Mark up Language. It is the language used to build web pages. If you want to recall how html looks like, open any web page and right click over it with you mouse. Look for an option 'View Source' and click it. The Html for that page will be shown.

CSS stand for Cascading Style Sheet. It is used to format and style Html pages.

If you want to build a website yourself than a basic understanding of Html and CSS is better. If you don't know anything about them, you won't know what the code is about.

Do You Have a Website Development Software?

Although simple web pages can be build by Html and CSS using a Text editor. But the use of a text editor is inefficient because it takes a lot of time and if your are building a complete website with many pages, the situation worsens. So why do it the hard way and waste your precious time when you can have the work done easily in less time with much more benefits of a development software or a WYSIWYG ( What You See Is What You Get ) editor.

A Web Development Software also helps you out if you have a limited or no knowledge of Html and CSS. It let's you do many things without you actually have to look at the code.

There are many Website development softwares available nowadays, both Free and Commercial. You can use Dreamweaver, CoffeeCup, AptanaStudio or any other tool that does the job.

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