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Accepting Payments Online on Your Website

If you are building an e-commerce website to sell goods and services, you must find a method to accept payments on your site.

There are generally two methods, depending on the volume of sales on your site or your choice:

  1. Use third party services or Payment gateway.
  2. Open you own merchant account.

1- Payment Gateways -- Third Party Solutions

If your sales volume is low or you do not want to go through the work and hassle of setting up your own payment system, you can easily use a third party payment service or gateway.

Payment gateways provide e-commerce solutions for accepting online payments. They provide all the means and security to process payments between the merchants and shoppers.

Third party services cost low or nothing to setup as many companies have no joining fees. To get their profits they charge you for your transactions and this charge is usually a percentage amount of the transferred amount.

There are third party payment services that you can use. Some of them are,


Paypal is probably the most used third party payment gateway throughout the internet right now and many popular websites like Ebay for example, use this service. All you need to do is sign up for a free paypal account and they will give you shopping cart support and provide you the necessary code to put on your website to create buttons.

Paypal has no setup and monthly fees. Their transaction fee is 1.9% to 3.4% +0.33 Euros for a standard website payment account.

Paypal Enables you to deal in credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and other paypal accounts.

Money Bookers

Money Bookers is an Ebay accepted payment processor. Setting up a money bookers payment gateway on your site is easy, you just need to signup and you can start accepting payments.

Money Bookers has no joining fees or setup fees. They charge transaction fees which range from 0.9%+0.29 to 2.9%+0.29 Euros depending on the amount of sales.

With Money Bookers you can accept credit card payments, Bank transfers and payments from other Mooney Bookers accounts.


Ccnow only deals with tangible goods. With ccnow you can accept direct credit card payments on your site. Plus they also offer payment via paypal option if some one wants to pay via paypal.

CCnow has a 9.95 dollars signup fee. They charge a transaction fee of 0.5 dollars per sale and 4.99% of gross sale.


CCbill provides direct credit card payment solutions. They have no signup fees and their transaction fees start from 14.5% and go down as your sales volume increases.

2- Your Own Merchant Account

Third party services are cheaper to start but can cost more in terms of transaction fees in the long run, especially if your sales volume is large. To overcome this problem you may want to get your own merchant account and process the payments yourself through a bank as this involves low transaction fees.

To setup your own payment service, you will need to open a merchant account with a bank that can process your transactions (such as Credit Card Processing) and deposit the money in your account directly.

You will also need to setup a secure server for you website and obtain an SSL Certificate, which requires more fee. You need these because secure payment processing is very important to protect the payment information of your clients from being stolen by hackers.

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