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About me


My name is Omer and i am the author and designer of this website.

I am into computer programming for quite some time now. My programming is more about softwares that interact with hardware directly. Web programming (like html,php) on the other hand, was not among the first things i learned. Infact i could write code in C++ or Assembly language but i didn't know anything about Html, CSS or webstuff.

I became interested in web site development when i wanted to design a website to aid my projects. I learned the stuff and found out that it was easy, infact any one can learn it with just a little hard work and motivation.

I have build this website to help beginners who want to develop their first website and don't know much about websites already. I believe anyone can build a website, even if he/she haven't program anything before. You just need interest and motivation to build your first website.

I have tried to make this website easy, understandable and in a form that would have helped me if it had been here when i was learning this stuff. I hope you'll enjoy it. Thanks for visiting and happy learning.

Don't forget to give me your feedback or anything you want to share or ask. Please Contact.